The Ruins were once the home of a fantastic civilization, many, many, many years ago. But, they disappeared, completely, nobody wanted to talk about, all that survived what happened never released their secrets, nor did they pass them down. Nobody knows what could have killed thousands, perhaps millions! In the blink of an eye.... Fast forward many years, and archaeologists are giving the biggest Ruins, what is believed to be the home of these ancients peoples, a searching. They have been slowly going into the place, and seem to have found traps lining the walls, releasing hell upon those who tried to explore deeper. No body could make it to the deep recesses of the Ruins, where it is believed many treasures could await, more than any mere man could imagine. Nobody can reach this deep, and nobody wants to, because what could be that far down could be horrible. Maybe the ones who do reach all the way down there could find out what turns thousands into dust, and maybe they could release it themselves..... Of course, that doesn't stop some people, those with a goal in mind. 8 fools will go far far below what any normal man has ever reached.... Will you touch the bottom, bring yourself face to face with hell itself?

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